Как две капли: Риз Уизерспун показала фото с дочерью – и она просто ее копия!

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Еще несколько лет назад сеть взорвала новость о неимоверном сходстве Риз и ее дочери. Но сегодня, когда Аве Филипп уже 19, их с Риз действительно не отличить! Только посмотри на последнее их совместное фото.


“She does everything!” Meryl Streep says about our February cover star, @ReeseWitherspoon. “On top of the acting and producing and the books and @draperjames, she also carves the pumpkins! She raises three kids. She maintains friendships. I know what it’s like to be in this business and also raise kids. You remember that book I Don’t Know How She Does It? That’s Reese!” Witherspoon was a young mom. She gave birth to @avaphillippe when she was 23, just a year before making #LegallyBlonde—“There are pictures of her as a baby on the set,” she says. Her own mother, Betty, was a labor-and-delivery nurse at Nashville’s Vanderbilt hospital, and Witherspoon remembers going to work with her and watching her “take care of seventeen babies at once. There would usually be two women, and they’d be doing all the diapering, all the feeding—everything, all at once,” Witherspoon recalls. “And the crying of the babies! The noise! She said she didn’t even hear it. I remember being so in awe of my mom. She always had a positive attitude, always laughing, always telling a joke, and she always had a billion friends at work. She just loved the women she worked with.” Tap the link in our bio to read the full profile. Photographed by @zoeghertner, styled by @tonnegood, written by @Meghan_daum, Vogue, February 2019.

Допис, поширений Vogue (@voguemagazine)

Риз Уизерспун появилась на последней обложке Vogue, а также вместе с мамой и дочерью приняла участие в фотосессии для издания – три поколения вместе. Все трое – с красной помадой и одинаковой укладкой. То ли похожие образы, то ли гены, но Риз и Аву просто не отличить. Невероятное сходство!


@reesewitherspoon is our February cover star! Tap the link in our bio to read our full interview. Photographed by @zoeghertner, styled by @tonnegood, written by @Meghan_daum, Vogue, February 2019.

Допис, поширений Vogue (@voguemagazine)

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